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This provision of services aims to undertake a summary analysis of a client’s energy situation, with the aim of providing expertise enabling them to make relevant decisions concerning the preparation and/or implementation of an efficiency project. energy. The steps in this process include:



This service is designed to conduct a preliminary analysis of a client’s energy situation, offering expertise to facilitate informed decisions on the preparation and/or execution of an energy efficiency project. The process involves:

Establishing Client Contact and Data Collection: Gathering necessary information from the client.

Data Analysis, Including On-site Visits: An initial evaluation of the current energy situation and identification of major energy-consuming equipment is conducted through on-site assessments.

Preliminary Identification of Potential Measures: Proposing potential strategies to enhance the energy efficiency of installations, with recommendations for suitable approaches.

The diagnostic phase is critical as it enables the detection and validation of potential for energy efficiency improvements. It confirms the feasibility of developing projects and identifies a market for providing solutions.

Energy efficiency project development invariably starts with an energy audit phase, followed by a technical study to characterize the client’s energy situation. This includes analyzing consumption patterns, developments, energy contracts, etc. Subsequently, a feasibility study of the project is conducted, projecting expected savings over time to determine the investment’s viability in energy efficiency.

Executing energy audits, technical, and economic studies not only assesses the feasibility of projects but also identifies the most suitable energy efficiency measures for each specific situation.



Our services encompass the full scope of executing energy optimization projects, including works contracts (EPC) and energy performance contracts (EPC). These services entail:

Assessing the technical and economic feasibility of the project.

Comprehensive project structuring, including technological, technical, legal, and financial choices.

Managing the procurement processes for services, equipment, or works.

Overseeing project implementation with rigorous monitoring.

Evaluating long-term energy savings.

SIE can function in two capacities, either as Owner’s Assistance or Delegated Owner, ensuring neutrality and expertise in the process.

SIE also offers energy performance contracts, commiting to the design, financing, implementation, and maintenance of the project. SIE collaborates with companies and ESCOs for services and/or equipment provision, and can secure financing trough international financial partners or banking institutions.



Self-financing by the client, utilizing their own funds.

Securing financing from an external lender.

Collaboration with an ESCO under an energy performance contract (EPC).

SIE is dedicated to assisting its partners in identifying the most suitable financing solution for their projects. This commitment is grounded in our technical expertise and comprehensive understanding of the various financial mechanisms and instruments available in the market.