SIE Team

The SIE team consists of highly qualified and dedicated individuals. Organized within a well-structured framework, the team is committed to achieving its goals and fulfilling its mission of raising awareness, developing the ecosystem, and implementing projects and solutions for reducing energy consumption.

At the heart of this organization is the General Management, which directs SIE's strategic vision and coordinates its critical activities. This unit acts as the company's central pillar, leading the team towards excellence in energy efficiency.

The Development and Technical Department is pivotal in devising innovative energy solutions and executing energy efficiency projects. Working in tandem with technical experts, this team crafts customized approaches tailored to the unique needs of each client, whether in public buildings, public lighting, sustainable mobility, industry, or support for SMEs and other ESCOs.

The Cooperation Department is instrumental in nurturing partnerships and collaborations within the energy sector. Its efforts are focused on strengthening the energy efficiency ecosystem, thereby accelerating the country's energy transition.

Lastly, the Resources Department is responsible for managing SIE's human and material resources, ensuring the team is equipped with the necessary tools and skills to meet its objectives. This department plays a vital role in talent development and nurturing within the organization.

Overall, the SIE team represents a collective of professionals committed to positively impacting energy efficiency. Their dedication to environmental objectives and their collective expertise position SIE as a key contributor to Morocco's energy transition.