In accordance with Royal directives aimed at restructuring the Kingdom’s energy sector, SIE has evolved to become the Société d’Ingénierie Energétique (SIE), the Kingdom’s Super ESCO dedicated to implementing energy efficiency projects.

This new strategic positioning was developed in close collaboration with our Board of Directors, aligning with national priorities and leading to a comprehensive review of our procedures and working methods. This transformation also led to the implementation of a new organization, aiming to consolidate our status as a public energy service company.

Initially focusing on public buildings and street lighting, we have now extended our services to industry and sustainable mobility. As SIE, our role is to be the state’s trusted third party, catalyzing the market and fostering the development of a robust ecosystem for the energy efficiency sector. With this new identity, we aim to simplify market access for all private enterprises specializing in the Energy Efficiency sector.

Moreover, as a Super ESCO, we are committed to providing all our partners, especially communities, public institutions, and administrations, with optimal service based on the most up-to-date technologies available in the market, all at a competitive cost and ensuring high-quality standards.

Recognizing the challenges posed by this new market, SIE’s Board of Directors has also taken measures to grant us the right level of regulatory flexibility to support the company in its actions. This initiative will effectively contribute to accelerating and facilitating our efforts for the benefit of our clients.

After an initial period of repositioning and developing the SIE Offering, we are now accelerating project actions in the various addressed sectors. The aim is to implement the right leverage to achieve the strategic objectives set by our governance, relying on the network of private sector companies.

In conclusion, SIE is comprised of a young and dynamic team deeply committed to achieving the society’s set goals. Our actions will evolve significantly, and our team will be strengthened accordingly to realize an efficient model of a Super ESCO, perfectly adapted to the economic reality of our country.

With the mobilization of all our partners and various stakeholders, the Kingdom’s chances of success become significant for the benefit of all.